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One of our customers, Penna, recently commissioned us to help them present some of their research findings on generation stereotypes in the workplace. Aware that people tend to nod off after the second stat-laden PowerPoint bullet, they wanted their research data to be presented in an engaging and memorable way, rather than being run-of-the-mill, snore-enducing and forgetable. 

In situations such as these, there can be only one solution  bring on the infographic! I have to confess that while I have a nerdish love of stats in their raw form, for me one of the best parts of my job is taking a plain old research paper and turning its content into a thing of beauty. Twisting and turning questions, adding colour, dropping in images, creating diagrams and displaying stats as shapes floats my design boat 100%. 

I know not everyone is a right-brained visual learner but I challenge anyone to prefer a slide full of data, or a page of percentages to a nicely designed representation of the same which at the least grabs your attention and at best helps you to absorb and retain the facts. 

In case you still have no idea what I'm going on about, the Penna infographic is above. If you're a bit of a stats geek and want to learn more about the power of infographics, the book I go back to time and time again is Information Is Beautiful by David McCandless. His passion for visualising facts, data, ideas, subjects, issues, statistics and questions is inspiring. Check out – it's really worth a look! 

Posted by: John

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Infographics - making stats sexy Infographics - making stats sexy